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Project Duration

12 Weeks

Image of a desk with a B2B SaaS open on the display

Project Title

As the only Product Designer with technical founders. I was tasked with creating an MVP Design for a sales engagement CRM with AI-heavy features and identifying use case(s) where AI and LLMs can be used to build an AI-first product.

UI Design of a B2B SaaS CRM's Onboarding Screen
Onboarding Dashboard


CRMs today require a lot of patience from users with their learning curve and complex navigation nested across the application. 

We worked on this challenge with a guided onboarding with some lean templates that can provide users with an overview of the application. 

To improve user navigation, we implemented a command search menu with intuitive keyboard shortcuts to improve feature accessibility. 

UI Design of a B2B SaaS CRM's Kanban Board
Kanban Board

Moving fast & finding opportunities

There are a ton of CRMs in the market. How do we differentiate? We search for opportunities by digging through G2 & Capterra. Gathering and hacking on user frustrations that we could solve with AI for our CRM solution.

Working in an industry with pre-existing solutions is imo great for speed. You can see what worked for your competitors (and can work for you) and sometimes, pitfalls to avoid. This helps build a product faster and leaves more time for the features that set us apart.

UI Design of a B2B SaaS CRM's Table
UI Design of a B2B SaaS CRM's Account Settings
Account Settings
UI Design of a B2B SaaS CRM's Command Search Menu
Command Search Menu


We were able to put together an MVP in 12 weeks and have a working prototype that could be presented to investors and early users for feedback and testing. 

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