Name: Adil Rehman

Timezone: EST/CST
Preference: Remote (async or with overlap)

What I do:

Design experiences solving usability problems and reducing user friction for B2B SaaS and eCommerce Startups. 

I thrive on solving ‘complex’ design problems, achieving this by understanding users’ needs and motivations. I apply first-thinking principles to work backward towards the desired solution.

I’m passionate about designing for marginalized communities and developing countries. My proficiency in multiple languages, coupled with my upbringing in the Middle East and South Asia, empowers me to create impactful designs for regions often neglected, covering 26 countries and a population of 2.4B+.

What I have done:

4 years of working with startups in the early stage (Seed to Series A), designing products for improved user retention and elegant experiences. 

Leveraged user-friendly experiences and best practices to directly add revenue for eCommerce Startups and Sales funnels. 

Super comfortable with rolling up my sleeves and filling multiple roles in an early-stage environment.


What I want to do next:

Contribute to UX that is more accessible to marginalized communities, enabling their integration into the digital environment.

Build a product from the ground up with a user-first philosophy for an ambitious and mission-driven startup.

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What I am reading:

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