Hello World.

Day zero of documenting my product and design journey.

GM friends.

Long time coming, this is where I will be writing about Product, Design, and technology in general.

Why? Writing has been something I have always wanted to get better at (given English is my 3rd language). This is the place where I will experiment with the craft and do my best in sharing value.

“Faintest ink is better than best of the memory” was one of the most memorable lines on TV for me (from Mad Men).

Why me? For the last 3 years*, I have had the privilege of working with exciting startups from the suburbs of Melbourne to Silicon Valley. While on the journey I have learned a lot but nowhere to share – that changes with this blog.

What’s in it for you? My goal here is simple – distill everything I learn at work and share it here in straightforward, easy-to-understand, zero BS notes.

So if this is what you’re into – I look forward to seeing you around.

Talk soon.


PS. If there’s any topic you’d like me to cover on product, user experience, and design, shoot me a message via contact form.

Read on.

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